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The NPL has a board that oversees the operation of the not-for-profit. The board comprises of people with a wide range of skills but one thing in common, they all want the best outcomes for our youth and community.

David Hetherington

Owner, FSR Equip

At school David wanted to be:
A sportsperson or metalworker.

He’s worked as an:
Apprentice engineering machinist at Owens. He learnt multiple disciplines like welding, machining, repairs of machinery and equipment. He started his own business at 21, repairing machinery and making things from steel. Soon after, he started Warrnambool Hydraulics repairing and manufacturing hydraulic equipment. He’s also been involved with Warrnambool Indoor Go-carting, AVA P/L mobile harness racing barriers supplying all states their starting equipment, Speedshield P/L inventing and supplying mobile speed controllers around the world and Pacific Materials Handling P/L supplying machinery to the Australian/Pacific steel recycling and waste recycling industries.

Career advice David would give his younger self:
Just start somewhere, anywhere at all. Look for good people to work with and keep them around you. Understand what interests you and makes you happy. Work in multiple part-time jobs while you’re considering your future options and do this as soon as you can. Respect what advisers tell you but make up your own mind. If you get it wrong, just reset and start again!

Mick Absalom

Senior Jobs, Skills & Pathways Officer, Department of Education

At school Michael wanted to be a:
He had no idea. And after working full-time for the past 35 years he still doesn’t really know …

He’s worked as a:
Among 36 different jobs he has been a paper deliverer, boilermaker apprentice, barman, labourer, in retail, hospitality and a supermarket, bottle shop attendant, volunteer, manager, employment services, disability support, educator, careers practitioner.

Career advice Michael would give his younger self:
Don’t feel the pressure of needing to know what you want to be when you grow up. It doesn’t help.

Marcus Norton

Dealer Principal, Norton Motor Group

At school Marcus wanted to be a:

He worked as a:
Grocery attendant, builders’ labourer, farm hand, nurse and in the motor industry.

Career advice Marcus would give his younger self:
Apply yourself as best you can and listen to those who have been successful in their work and life.

Iain Jackson

Student Engagement Leader and Careers Coordinator, Brauer College

At school Iain wanted to be a:
Physical education teacher.

He's worked as a:
Plumbers’ assistant, kitchen hand, waiter, gym instructor, pool lifeguard, maths teacher, science teacher, physical education teacher, assistant principal.

Career advice Iain would give his younger self:
If you are unsure, take the ‘leap of faith’ into your career knowing that where you start your career journey is not necessarily where you will finish.

Anthea Rafferty

Creative Arts Classroom Teacher

At school Anthea wanted to be a:

She's worked as a:
Restaurant manager in local and interstate hospitality venues, freelance photographer, filmmaker, and all kinds of artmaking in between short courses and further education. Completing a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University, 2004 and Graduate of Education (secondary) Monash University, 2015. Currently working as a creative arts teacher at Warrnambool College, she loves to advocate for young people to encourage them to ‘Think globally, act locally’.

Career advice Anthea would give her younger self:
Take risks and investigate a range of learning opportunities travel can provide. Connect with nature and community.

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