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Pairs secondary school classes with industry members to give students access to the latest equipment, knowledge and training during school lessons. Industry members provide staff, resources and their workplace (if possible) to enable youth skill development under guidance from industry professionals. Students gain an insight into what a career in particular fields would entail. They also make contacts in their chosen industry to assist when approaching businesses about work experience, structured workplace learning and employment. 

The Fifty/Fifty program can be a one-off or ongoing partnership. Sessions can include a guest speaker, incursion, excursion, hands-on learning, sharing of resources, teaching of a skill, a Q & A session or a combination of these.

Examples of Fifty/Fifty Programs the NPL have ran:

Year 10 Humanities class has worked with:
Sinclair Wilson: to learn how to balance the books in a small business

Madden’s Lawyers: to learn about class actions and to formulate a response to an actual class action

Midfield Meats: to hear their business plan before formulating their own business plan for a market stall

Automotive Program
A Year 10 Automotive class were split into small groups and attended 5 different automotive workplaces: Norton Motor Group, Will Ferris Auto Repairs, Baulch Motor Group, Warrnambool Auto Group and Callaghan Motors.

Students got to complete hands-on tasks, such as taking the heads off an engine, testing tyres for road-worthiness and testing a car’s power on a dyno, as well as learning about the different facets of an automotive workplace and the different employment opportunities.

As well as the many benefits for students and teachers, the Fifty/Fifty program benefits industry members by helping them connect with interested youth, showcase their businesses to potential future employees and to form relationships with schools.

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