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Students ‘can’t be what they can’t see’ so the ‘Who’s the Boss?’ program gets them into local businesses to experience running a work-based project. Student participants learn valuable workplace skills, gain experience in an industry of choice, see various employment opportunities in their region and meet local employers.

How it works:
Day 1: Businesses taking part in the program visit the school participants and explain their business and a business-based project they’re offering the students to run. Students select the business project that interests them most and form a small group with other students who made the same selection
Day 2: Groups have time to prepare for the business project. The business assigned to each group have someone available that the students can contact to ask questions
Day 3: Each small group attends their business and runs their project with assistance from the employer or employees

Here is an article from the Cobden Timboon Coast Times that summarises the Who’s the Boss? program ran in Cobden on 2022. The article was written by Who’s the Boss? participants!

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