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The NPL Industry Sub-Committee use their industry contacts, skills and time to offer schools and students opportunities and information. They also keep the NPL informed of what’s happening in industries.

Darren Loft

Account Manager, ACE Radio

At school Darren had no idea what he wanted to do, and didn't really map out his career until he moved to Melbourne at the age of 22-23.

He's worked:
In a supermarket from the age of 17, and ended up in management which was behind his move to Melbourne. Once in Melbourne, enrolled to do a marketing diploma which led into Sales (his current role now). Then moved back to Warrnambool at 33 to run his fathers business (transport/logistics) and was Operations Manager for 10 years before getting back into sales which he is still doing at the radio.

Career advice Darren would give to his younger self:
- Don't let others pressure you into doing something you don't want to do
- Don't be afraid to try things outside of your comfort zone
- Look & listen
- Be patient
- Be brave, don't be afraid to take a risk

Hayley Keane

Learning and Development Coordinator, South West Healthcare

At school Hayley wanted to be a:

She’s worked as an:
Administration trainee and this was the best training ground for everything else she has ever done. She attended university in her mid-20’s and loved it. She’s worked in Human Resources and Workplace Education.

Career advice Hayley would give her younger self:
Stop worrying about what you want to be when you grow up. Just do something and things will happen from there. And take opportunities. If someone suggests something, give it serious consideration. You might love it and it could open more doors for you.

Kylie Clarke

Skills Base Australia Training Coordinator, The Midfield Group

At school Kylie wanted to finish Year 12 but had no idea what she wanted to do after that.

She's worked as a:
Checkout operator, waitress, disability support worker, fruit picker, factory worker, administration/data entry person, student disability support coordinator.

Career advice Kylie would give her younger self:
You don’t have to decide on your career path today, just what you want to do next. Take it one step at a time. Find something you like doing and see if you can get a job in that field.

Andrea Vallance

Learning Broker, Timboon Agriculture Project (TAP) and Dairy Farmer, Ocean Road Pastoral

At school Andrea wanted to be a:

She's worked as a:
Waitress, teacher, census collector, pig farmer, dairy farmer, Ambulance Community Officer (ACO), TAP coordinator.

Career advice Andrea would give her younger self:
Seek advice from people who are passionate about what they do and find good mentors. You can't be what you don't see.

Jade Kelson

Manager and Owner, Hairy Goat Tapas and Cocktail Bar

At school Jade wanted to be a:
Graphic Designer.

He's worked as a:
I started at Tradelink, I was a sales rep for Coca-Cola as well as working/managing venues in the hospitality industry that lead me into opening The Hairy Goat.

Career advice Jade would give to his younger self: Always keep learning. Don’t be afraid to take big steps, take a deep breath, have a go and back yourself. Don’t die wondering.

Karis Britton

Chief Executive Officer, Carter Group

At school Karis wanted to be a: Singer/songwriter.

She's worked as a:
musician, waitress, kitchen hand, roustabout, supermarket cashier, swimming pool cashier, bar attendant, administration assistant, creative writer, voice over artist, radio announcer, radio sales executive, business development manager, sales manager, general manager.

Career advice Karis would give her younger self:
Compete with yourself every day and you will always be a better version than yesterday.

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