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The NPL ran a ‘Money Talks’ session for Year 10 – 12 student’s at Kings College, where we organised three speakers to talk to the students:

  • Grant Howland, from Beyond Bank, spoke about opening a bank account, earning and paying interest, other banking matters and gave a practical example of how to save money.
  • Laurisa Walther, from Sinclair Wilson, showed students the process to apply for a tax file number, how to pay tax, lodge a tax return, read a payslip and gave information on superannuation.
  • Jon Pegler, from Sinclair Wilson, explained to students the benefits that are available to them for studies after school.

This session was filmed to produce a free resource for teachers and students out there to access at anytime. We also created five resource worksheets to accompany the video, to consolidate the information. Resource worksheets can be found below the video.

Thanks Beyond Bank and Sinclair Wilson for supporting this event and the DemoDAIRY Foundation for generously sponsoring.

This video was recorded in August 2023. Some figures may only be relevant to that time period.

Money Talks Resource Sheet: Needs, Wants & Save

Money Talks Resource Sheet: Scams

Money Talks Resource Sheet: Interest

Money Talks Resource Sheet: Tax

Money Talks Resource Sheet: Pay Slips

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