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I'm a teacher, do I need to know what industry members I'd like to partner with and how?

No. The Neil Porter Legacy has a registered teacher who is experienced in this area and can give you all the assistance you need. The NPL also have extensive industry contacts that can offer suggestions and are keen to work with you.

I'm an industry member, do I need to have a qualified teacher on staff?

No. The school and NPL will organise supervision of the students. What we require from you is an industry member/s who are excited about working with students and teachers. Industry members' participation may be showing a small group a specific skill, giving feedback on a project, taking students on a tour of your workplace or joining a class at school to share your expertise.

Does the NPL only work with trade industry members?

Definitely not. The NPL wants to partner with people from all occupations and industries.

Does it cost for schools to participate in the programs?

Our aim is to make industry connections for schools as easy and stress-free as possible while also ensuring they cover areas of the curriculum. There is no cost to take part in NPL programs.

Does it cost for industry members to participate in the program?

No. We appreciate industry members’ willingness to donate their time, resources and facilities. We realise this impacts your businesses and are grateful for your participation. In saying that, we are a not-for-profit and do not receive any government funding. If you think we’re doing valuable work and you are in a position to financially support us, we would greatly appreciate your support.

Is the NPL a full-time operation?

Yes. Neil Porter’s son, Matt, represents the legacy on a full-time basis. Matt is a former teacher and has experience in many schools.

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