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Contact us if you want to provide opportunities to our youth. The NPL believes ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’ therefore we want students to experience as many careers as possible to enable them to make informed career choices. We also want our region to thrive so we work hard to ensure students know of the rewarding work opportunities in local businesses.

Get in touch if you’d like to:

  • Use your industry knowledge to assist teachers to teach current classes
  • Lend or donate equipment and resources to schools for students to learn with
  • Open your business to schools for class tours
  • Host students for industry experience, structured workplace learning and other on-site learning opportunities
  • Work with teachers to plan curriculum to ensure students have the skills to enter your profession
  • Become a mentor for students with an interest in your field
  • Talk to us about what we do

Your participation allows students to access up-to-date knowledge and resources, to experience careers and to meet role models in their fields of interest. It also allows you to showcase your business to potential future employees.

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