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Matt Porter

NPL Representative

At school Matt wanted to be a:
Primary school teacher or author.

He’s worked as a:
Building site cleaner, cinema usher, bottle shop attendant, bricklayers' labourer, primary school teacher, physical education teacher, mobile librarian, children’s author, educational resource writer.

Career advice Matt would give his younger self:
Have the confidence to try different jobs and have a go at things that interest you. If it doesn’t suit you, that’s okay, try something else.

Ruby Absalom

NPL Representative

At school Ruby had no idea what she wanted to do.

She's worked as a:
Supermarket attendant, babysitter,
admin trainee, events and administration officer, marketing assistant.

Career advice Ruby would give to her younger self:
Take any opportunities that come your way. It's not always a bad thing to not like a job - just means it's not for you!

Natalie Powell

NPL Representative

At school Natalie wanted to be a:

She's worked as a:
Relief milker, farm hand, waitress, cleaner, journalist, communications assistant, communications consultant, marketing events manager, marketing communications manager, segment marketing manager, customer marketing manager, head of marketing and chief marketing officer.

Career advice Natalie would give her younger self:
Trust your intuition, you know more than you think you do when it comes to choosing your career. If you continue to work hard, be curious and ask questions, do what you say you will do and do it the best you can (and if you can't, don't be afraid to ask for help) you will be amazed at where you end up and what you can accomplish.

Dean Dwyer

NPL Representative

At school Dean wanted to be a:
"Like most young boys during Primary School I wanted to be an VFL/AFL footballer and play for the mighty Cats. As my schooling progressed into Secondary School, I realised this dream wasn’t going to be realised. I enjoyed helping people and I can still remember the positive influence my Year 6 teacher had on me, so I pursued a career in Primary Teaching."

He's worked as a:
"Primary School teacher. I was initially a Phys-ed teacher but moved into general class teaching after 2 years. I stayed in this field for the next 20+ years until I now find myself with the Neil Porter Legacy."

Career advice Dean would give to his younger self:
"To never give up looking for your passion, and that there doesn’t necessarily have to be one way to reach it. I’ve enjoyed teaching our youth and it has given me a lot of satisfaction to see the growth of students."

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