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Students are told to have a Plan B in case their Plan A doesn’t materialise. But have students heard from people who have made it in their dream occupation? And do they know about careers related to their dream occupation? Being an artist may work out, if it doesn’t do students know about gallery curation, graphic design, illustration, sign writing, teaching and other related areas? The Make an Income from your Passion for… sessions aim to address this issue by connecting students with role models and giving real-life examples of people who make an income (full or part-time) from their passion.

The sessions work:

– Each session focuses on a different passion such as arts, sport and recreation, fashion, agriculture, entrepreneurship, caring for others etc. 

– People who make an income from the field of focus (industry members) attend the session. With assistance from the NPL, they set up individual, interactive areas around the edge of a venue to demonstrate what their job entails

– As students and teachers enter, they walk around the venue and see the industry members displaying their skills, equipment or both. The students and teachers speak with the industry members

– The industry members then take the stage for a panel discussion where they discuss their pathway into their field and the ways they make an income from their passion

– During the panel, students can ask questions

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