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Past Scholarship Winners:

2023 Tertiary Recipient: Darcy Lynch
Darcy completed Year 12 in 2023 at Warrnambool College and will go on to study Science and Engineering at the University of Melbourne in 2024. Darcy is a very impressive young man who’s involved in the community through karate and bands, he’s mentored young people in various areas, he loves physics and achieved very impressive school results. His strong interest in space was sparked by seeing a documentary on black holes and dark matter when he was in primary school and this interest continues. Darcy’s ultimate goal is to go on to study a Master of Mechanical, Aerospace or Mechatronics Engineering.

2023 Vocational Recipient: Breanna Taylor
Breanna showed a strong work ethic when first working at Trendset Kitchens & Joinery through Year 11 VCAL, which led to her being offered the chance to undertake a school-based apprenticeship at the beginning of Year 12. Breanna completed her Year 12 studies at Brauer College alongside her school-based apprenticeship and is now completing her apprenticeship at Trendset Kitchens & Joinery full-time. In the early stages of Breanna’s apprenticeship, she learnt how to; build cabinets, install kicker frames and basic cabinetry, and use a wide range of hand and power tools. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Breanna!

2022 Tertiary Recipient: Jacob Price
Jacob Price began a Bachelors of Engineering at Monash University in 2023. He will choose his area of specialty after his first year of studies. Jacob plans to utilise Monash University’s work placement for its students to aid in a quick transition from university life into the workplace. Prior to university, he completed Year 12 at Brauer Secondary College. Jacob was honoured to receive Brauer College’s dux award for the highest achieving student of the year level in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021.
Jacob plans to live in the halls of residence and will use the scholarship money to help cover the cost of this.

2022 Vocational Recipient: Jacob McIntyre
Jacob demonstrated his enthusiasm to learn and his strong work ethic while completing work experience with Sam Nevill from Nevcon Structural Steel. The week of work experience led to one-day-a-week work placements and then Jacob being offered an apprenticeship, which he began once he completed Year 10. In the early stages of his employment Jacob has welded and helped make a stock crate for a utility tray and assisted to install the sand and soil undercover bay at Matko Hire. He’s learnt to square jobs up, set up the punch and shear machine and operate the overhead crane.

Like Neil, Jacob is an active member of the community by being a member of a football and motorcycle club. He compared himself to the former education, saying: “Just reading through the Neil Porter story, I see that Neil never let an opportunity go by. It seemed like he was always on the go, with both his work life and his family. I’m very much like that.”

2021 Vocational Recipient: Ryan Fleming
Ryan Fleming completed his Year 12 in 2020, and has commenced an apprenticeship with Widget Electrical. Ryan’s goal is to become a high quality A Grade Electrician, working on a vast array of job sites. He is focused on making the most of his apprenticeship and completing all of his schooling and training to the highest ability. He has a strong work ethic, and an ability to use his initiative, while still knowing when it is appropriate to ask for assistance and guidance when required. He is always willing to learn more, and is always willing to take constructive feedback on board.

When asked what this scholarship means to him, Ryan replied: “I find it a great honour and will definitely be working to honour Neil’s memory throughout my apprenticeship.”

2020: no scholarships awarded due to covid

2019 Tertiary Recipient: Liam Burgess
Liam Burgess applied for our Scholarship to assist with his Monash University Double Degree in Engineering and Commerce. His career goal is to be a mechanical or aerospace engineer and work in aerodynamics and production of vehicles. Liam has worked hard to establish himself as a determined individual who is a team player, and someone who can be relied upon. He has carried a strong work ethic throughout his school years, and is determined to learn and grow his skill set and knowledge with every opportunity presented to him.

In speaking of the way he was inspired by Neil, Liam remembers: “Mr Porter was always someone who I looked up to as a person to follow in terms of his values and actions. Whether it was seeing him on the weekend at footy or around school he was always a kind person but also someone who had respect from everyone who knew him. I try to uphold these values all the time through my actions and my attitude and want to continue that into the future.”

2019 Vocational Recipient: Jaiden Bridge
Jaiden Bridge is working towards becoming a fully qualified fitter and turner. His ideal job is to one day experience working on an outback station. Having been heavily influenced and inspired by the care and skill set of his Pop from an early age, Jaiden loves working with his hands, problem solving and making items that suit a customers’ purpose. He is dedicated, eager to learn and thoroughly enjoys the processes he is learning on the job.

On reflecting on his relationship with Neil, Jaiden recalls: “One thing that Neil said to me was that tertiary study is not for everyone, someone needs to build the uni and the bits that make it work, and that in this case is me. I enjoy being presented with a physical problem that requires some thought, hands on tackling and development of a ‘thing’ to make it work properly”.

2018 Vocational Recipient: Jonathan Rycken
Jonathan Rycken completed his Year 12 VCAL at Brauer College in 2018, before going on to complete a year of work placement with Shanley Constructions. Having a passion for carpentry from a very early age, Jonathan was always adamant that nothing was going to stop him from his long-term goal of becoming a building inspector. He takes pride in his work and is enthusiastic about learning new skills in the workplace, and has shown he is respectful of the workshop environment, and people around him.

In speaking about Neil, Jonathan remembers: “Mr Porter taught the importance of being respectful. Every day at work I think of him saying “pack it up Bombers” and I make sure I leave a job in a way he would be proud of. He was a very important role model to me”.

2018 Tertiary Recipient: Claudia McCutcheon
Claudia McCutcheon applied for our Scholarship with her goal being to go to RMIT University for Chemical Engineering. Having overcome extra pressure of having to take some of her Year 12 subjects online, Claudia proved herself to be extremely motivated, dedicated to her studies and to have a strong work ethic. Throughout her school years she also traveled as an exchange student to Japan, immersing herself in their culture and lifestyle and embracing challenges head on.

Although only having had the chance to meet Neil a couple of times, Claudia reflected: “Anyone could see he was a fair, friendly and hard-working man, and it’s a privilege to receive this scholarship in honor of his life.”

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