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The Neil Porter Legacy is assisting teachers to become career advisers in the subject areas they teach. Teachers can spend a half or whole day visiting workplaces related to the subject they teach. The NPL organises the industry connections and activities on behalf of the teachers. This initiative has many benefits for teachers and their students.


  • up-skilled in their subject areas through connection with industry experts
  • gain contacts for future excursions, incursions and other collaborations
  • access to the latest equipment and techniques
  • industry contacts for questions and lesson planning


  • have teachers with the latest industry knowledge
  • access to a career adviser (their teacher) who has up-to-date information on their subject area
  • increased excursions, incursions and real-world learning
  • exposure to different occupations 
  • contacts for future work experience, school-based apprenticeships or other school-based opportunities

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