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The Youth Conversations Report interviewed over 700 teenagers from our region and showed young people expressed a desire for their community to recognise a greater diversity of pathway interests to be celebrated as a successful education outcome, with a particular emphasis on celebrating the equal success of vocational pathways rather than over-emphasising the VCE

When a school is ranked by ATAR scores, and student enrolments are based on academic success, it’s no wonder schools are focusing so heavily on these numbers at the expense of other things – such as informing youth of the immense range of options for future education and employment.
AFTER THE ATAR: Understanding how gen z transition into further education & employment. Year 13
A national survey of Australian youth n=2092. Research conducted April 2017 by Year13.

Academic achievement is important but not the sole reason for schooling. We need to focus more on preparing the whole person, no matter what career path they choose. Many senior secondary students enjoy school. Some, for a variety of reasons, just want to leave as soon as possible. Both groups need to be supported by more flexible learning.
Shaking off the political bulldust to find a ‘pathway’ to success, Ross Gittins, Economics Editor, February 16, 2022

Schools that focus too heavily on academic performance and students’ tertiary destinations and not enough on careers counselling are doing their students a disservice. Schools have long been criticised as demoting careers education, of viewing it as extra-curricular activities taking time away from the curriculum that really matters and is assessable.”
Life Disrupted, Monash University

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